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First Job as a Waitress in Michigan

As told by Connie Dahl
Big Piney, Wyoming

Story Narrative:

"My name is Connie Dahl, and I'm 75 years and I started working when I was 17, as a waitress in Michigan. My first job was at a pizza place, but I only worked four hours and got fired, because I didn't do very good. Then I got a job as a waitress and I really liked it because I made 15 cents an hour, and lots of tips, like, maybe 80 cents a day, and I'd spend it every day that I made it. I didn't save any, and I didn't get fired. I lasted for probably six months, and then I got pregnant and quit. That's it. Bye."

This story was collected in conjunction with the Smithsonian's Museum on Main Street program and its national traveling exhibition "The Way We Worked" when it was on view in Big Piney, Wyoming in 2018. This story is part of the "Be Here: Main Street" story collection, intended to capture Americans' stories about their neighborhoods, waterways, towns, traditions, and personal experiences.

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