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July 4th in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Description: 4th of July at Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

I want to tell a little story about a town called Sandbridge, Virginia, which back in the 1970s and 1980s was not very well populated. In fact, it was mostly farm land and beach houses and that sort of thing. It was connected geographically to Virginia Beach, which was a bustled town at that time. Sandbridge was way out in the boondocks. You really had to go through rural communities, lots of strawberry farms back in the day, to get to Sandbridge. My family used to go out there every Fourth of July, and meet up with a group of friends who were celebrating family reunions.

They would rent two or three very large beach houses and accommodate all the relatives that had come into Sandbridge Beach for the Fourth of July week. It was packed, absolutely packed to the hilt. Every single room in the house had a number of kids and families that were staying there, but it was so fun and so boisterous, I guess you'd say. Of course on Fourth of July, everybody would head out to the beach and bring their sparklers and their road side stand fireworks, nothing very spectacular, but shoot off on the beach. In those days, you could light fireworks in the beach, and it was always a big show as the grown-ups prepared the fireworks.

We did the sparklers on the beach and would run on the beach. When the fireworks were finally over, we would get our flashlights and look for ghost crabs. I literally remember running at top speed and diving into the sand to try to capture these ghost crabs. A lot of fond memories of Sandbridge Beach, located in Southern Virginia.

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